Web Analytics Consulting & Strategy

We Help Our Clients Measure the Right Thing and Take Action Based On Data.

You’ve got Web analytics. It’s probably Google Analytics but maybe you’re using something fancy and expensive like WebTrends or Omniture… Now what? Do you know for sure what reports you should be creating and why? What KPI’s (Key Performance Indicators) are even relevant to your business and the type of site you have. Are you taking action based on the reporting you get – or are you just reporting? Time to make your analytics useful.

Web Analytics Audit & Strategy Development

Designed to create a strategy to maximize the business value of your website.  The initial audit is a best practices review of the pieces that are already in place–your website, analytics setup, marketing tracking, sales integration–to ensure you are measuring your website and marketing correctly.  The strategy document will put you on a path to make sure your website is tracking goals correctly and providing the business value it should.

  • Kickoff discussion: review your Web business goals, needs and existing strategy plans.
  • Audit of your existing analytics implementation
  • Additional discussions as necessary for data collection.
  • Creation of a web analytics strategy based on goals and best practices:
    • Use cases that describe each of the internal users of the website and what they need from the website.
    • A go-forward plan to help the website meet user needs.
    • Analytics setup and implementation recommendations
    • Reporting recommendations based on user needs and goals, including marketing campaign tracking and support (as needed).
    • Conversion map of the website showing where action items are placed and how action items will drive goals.
    • Specific tracking script recommendations as needed.

Web Analytics Support

Amplify Interactive can also provide ongoing support for your Web Analytics needs.

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