Social Media Marketing

Strategy, Implementation, Management and Online Community Participation. Social Media Marketing is in Our DNA.

Search is not social – and social is not search… Social media plays an entirely different role in the marketing mix than search engine marketing does. So why in the world is a search marketing agency trying to sell you social media marketing services? Because social media marketing and search engine marketing share a number of similarities and are quite good at supporting one another. To put it simply – social media marketing is in a search engine marketer’s DNA.

  • It’s a search engine marketer’s job to make sure our clients get “found” when people are looking for them. Social media is simply an extension of that mission.
  • Setting up Facebook ads campaigns is a LOT like setting up PPC campaigns. The difference? We segment audiences instead of search terms. But we use search terms to help define audiences.
  • Twitter and Facebook are excellent methods to build and maintain a relationship with your customer… They’re also excellent at supporting SEO.
  • Twitter and Facebook aren’t the only places where your audience is online – we can help you identify the appropriate sites, communities & strategies for reaching your unique audience.

Social Media Marketing Strategy & Planning

Amplify can help your brand develop an approach to social media that supports your brand goals AND your search engine optimization efforts.

  • Social media audit
  • Online reputation assessment
  • Social media strategy development

Social Media Marketing – Coordination, Management & Reporting

Your brand should be directly responsible for your presence in social media, and messaging, voice and conversation should all come from you. However, Amplify Interactive can provide ongoing support in managing your profiles, reporting on your efforts, and drive strategies and tactics.

  • Assistance in managing social media profiles
  • Content calendar
  • Social media guidelines
  • Training
  • Reporting

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