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Good search engine optimization (SEO) can dramatically improve your site’s effectiveness at driving leads and sales. Bad or misinformed search engine optimization can dramatically ruin your site’s ability to drive leads and sales. Worried about META keywords? You’re wasting your time.

Based in the SEO hot bed of Portland Oregon, the Amplify Interactive team has the experience to help companies do SEO right, we use SEO to help you better understand your customer, we focus on making sure our clients understand the process, and we put success in your hands.

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Search Engine Optimization Services

Our SEO services are built on the core three principles outlined on the “Principles” tab. We follow a specific process for site optimization, but beyond that – our strategies for helping clients with SEO are as unique as your business. Generally speaking – here’s what we do:

SEO Foundation

Search Term (Keyword) Research & Analysis
SEO Audit & Recommendations

Ongoing SEO

SEO Campaign Management
Content Optimization & Marketing
Authority/Link Development & Management
Reporting & Analysis

How Search Engines Work

Search engines can only read text and follow links. That’s it. With these two pieces of data, they want to be able to deliver the most relevant results possible for a given search. In order to gain search engine rankings for your targeted terms, and more importantly, quality search engine traffic that converts into customers, we need to take 3 primary factors into account with our approach in order to succeed.

Three Key Principles of SEO – A.C.T.

The three keys to search engine optimization (SEO)


This is the area that puts the “marketing” into search engine marketing, and as studies by SEOmoz and others have shown – it’s a critical piece of the equation if you want to actually beat the competition at SEO.

What is authority and what makes it so important? Read our SEO whitepaper to get an in-depth explanation; but the key thing to understand is this. Search engines want to deliver the most relevant results possible for a given search. A major clue for search engines lies in the concept of “authority”. Traditionally this has meant inbound links (or – links from other sites to yours), but they are also finding ways to include signals social media to determine authority.


On-site SEO – putting keywords on your site. This is what most people think of when they hear SEO. It’s not that simple though. Proper content optimization focuses on

  1. Understanding your target audience and how they use search engines (keyword research)
  2. Evaluating your site’s content and assets against what the target audience is looking for (content audit)
  3. Editing, enhancing and creating content to better serve their needs (content optimization)
  4. Building SEO into your content development process
  5. Repeat the steps above – SEO is never done

While many people understand that there’s a technical component to SEO, it’s a pretty misunderstood aspect of the process. There is no magical technical source-code wizardry that’s going to magically shoot your site to the top of Google rankings. However, technical issues can ruin your site’s chances of succeeding and torpedo all of your great content & authority efforts.

Choose Amplify Interactive as Your SEO Partner

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Let’s face it – SEO has gotten a bad rap over the years because there are so many snake-oil salesmen in this line of work. Every Web development firm, graphic designer, copywriter, marketing agency and freelancer out there claims to know SEO and it is really hard to know how to evaluate them all and find the right fit.

  • Experience: Check out our team. Our President has been doing SEO professionally since 1999 – well before there was a Google. The rest of the team has got more than a few years of experience as well.
  • Results: Testimonials, client list, and case studies – need we say more?
  • Education & Thought Leadership: Amplify Interactive’s clients will tell you – we teach them a LOT about search engine optimization. But we also help educate the business community.
    • Presentations: The team has presented on search engine marketing topics to various groups in the Portland Oregon area and nationwide. Some groups include: SEMpdx, Portland State University, American Marketing Association, The Art Institute of Portland, The Oregon Wine Industry, the Innotech eMarketing Summit, Search Engine Strategies, WebVisions and more.
    • White Papers & Articles
  • Partners: We work with some of the most respected Web services firms in the Portland Oregon area and, even the country – they don’t work with slouches

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