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Pay-per-click (PPC) campaigns are a popular way to start driving search traffic to your site right away. However, they’re also very competitive, increasingly complex and time consuming to manage, and despite appearances, PPC campaigns require planning to be effective. This is where we come in. Amplify Interactive’s deep experience in building and managing successful pay-per-click campaigns for companies across various industries gives us the unique insight and experience to understand what it takes to create a successful pay-per-click campaign and how to approach your unique business.

PPC Campaigns… Amplified

PPC Campaign Development

PPC Campaign Development Services

Amplify Interactive’s PPC Campaign Development Steps

When people think of PPC, Google AdWords comes to mind right away, but Yahoo/Bing and other advertising publishers like Facebook Ads, LinkedIn, and more may be a good fit for your business. Amplify Interactive can help you identify and test the best ways to market your site through PPC.

In addition to program selection, several other considerations must be made when launching a PPC program. Keyword list development, ad copy, landing pages, campaign goals and measurement must also be taken into account, Amplify Interactive works with you through all stages of the campaign development and implementation process.

PPC Campaign Management

Once your pay-per-click campaigns are up and running, they require effective management in order to meet your goals and generate a positive ROI. Our PPC campaign management process includes:

  • Management of bids, keywords, ads to your goals
  • Coordination to keep your campaign up to date with your corporate messaging and marketing initiatives
  • Provide campaign recommendations for improvement as opportunities arise, including new programs, bid management software / techniques, recommended metrics, etc.
  • Regular reporting. Conversion data & analytics are used to improve the effectiveness of our campaign management effort

What To Expect

On average, it takes around 4 weeks to properly do our research, generate recommendations, review implementation, and launch a campaign. Once the campaign is live, we usually see results immediately, however we refine your campaign on an ongoing basis to maximize results. We deliver reporting with analysis and recommendations every month. We don’t mark up click fees, so there’s no incentive for us to artificially inflate your budget or bids.

The Amplify Interactive Way

Amplify Interactive takes a strategic approach to pay-per-click campaign management and uses tactics like bid management, ad copy testing, search term targeting and budget allocation to meet your campaign performance objectives. “Our entire process is built around optimizing your pay-per-click campaigns for ROI”We advise clients to work on a cost per action (conversion) basis. We feel that defining a cost per action goal and managing the campaign to that goal provides a clear path to measuring and managing the return on investment (ROI) your campaign is generating.

Our Approach to PPC

Our entire process is built around optimizing your pay-per-click campaigns for ROI and it hinges on continuous improvement. We use a combination of analytics, testing, experience and technology to maintain and improve the performance of your campaign. We continuously manage and test your campaign’s bids, keyword targeting and ad copy to keep quality scores high, click costs low, and ultimately to keep your campaign in-line with your cost per action targets.

It’s All About Quality Score

Today’s PPC platforms like Google AdWords & Bing are no longer straight auction systems where your bid is the sole determining factor on your position. Now, many factors play into the success of your campaigns. In Google AdWords, these factors are called “Quality Score”. Developing a good quality score is critical to your campaigns’ success.

Key Quality Score Components
Improving your quality score will improve your results
  • Ad/Keyword Relevance
  • CTR vs Competing Ads
  • Landing Page Quality & Relevance

Targeting the Funnel/Sales Cycle

Amplify Interactive creates pay per click campaigns that support the buying cycle. When we build & manage PPC campaigns, we organize and manage campaigns around the steps in the buying cycle and optimize to meet ROI goals.

PPC Across the Conversion/Sales Cycle

PPC Campaigns Support the Sales Cycle

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