Advanced Google AdWords PPC White Paper

Google AdWords PPC Campaigns: How To Amplify Success

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This PPC white paper is a practical guide to “AMPLIFYING” Google AdWords campaign performance. In this paper we explore some intermediate and advanced concepts behind PPC campaigns and give marketers ideas for improving the performance of their existing campaigns.

Learn the PPC Power Trio

  • Do you know the 3 parts of your PPC campaign that will make or break your success?

How to “Amplify” Your Campaigns – Turn them Up to 11!

  • Over a dozen “Pro-Tips” and specific takeaways for improving  your Google AdWords campaigns

This is NOT a PPC 101 Paper

  • If you already manage or are responsible for PPC, this paper is for you!

This paper is chock-full of “Pro-Tips” and specific advice for improving the performance of your campaigns along with examples, screen shots and more!

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