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In their work with my colleague and I, Amplify was great at listening and responding to our unique set of concerns. They made sure their final analysis was specifically tailored to us. The consultation has brought a new level of shared understanding on campus about the possibilities and limits of optimization, and it yielded new solutions to some of our biggest optimization challenges.David McKelveyLewis & Clark College
The site optimization, research and keyword strategies from Amplify Interactive have made a tremendous difference in our website traffic. I would highly recommend Amplify for anyone looking to increase the visibility of their site. We couldn’t be any happier with our results.Julia WotipkaFios, Inc.
Since using Amplify, we’ve significantly increased our search engine effectiveness. By partnering with Amplify, we were able to optimize our web site to gain the best results possible for search engine reach. They have developed a focused and effective on-line advertising campaign that we can easily track. With Amplify’s help, our web site is now considered one of the top 6 web sites in the EDA industry as sited by the EE Times EDA Users Study!Rob van BlommesteinSpringSoft
We contracted with Amplify-Interactive to help us improve SEO of our recently re-designed Web site and we could not be more pleased with the results. AI gave us well thought out, in-depth analysis and kept us informed and involved throughout the process. The end result was an actionable template that we could use to reconfigure our Web site for SEO. This template not only boosted our page ranking, but also gave us a map to follow as we grow and launch new products. AI continues to be a valued partner ranging from strategic consultation to PPC marketing and management.Jeffrey SkeltonProSchools
I like working with Amplify because they give an excellent overview of the strategies they’re recommending and the logic behind them, but then back it up with a detailed document on the specific actions (like title tag suggestions, new keywords) and a ton of performance metrics (competitor ranking, keyword ranks, keyword popularity etc) for us to measure ourselves against. Most important – the strategies work for the long-term, no cheap blackhat SEO tricks that will backfire in six months. And Hank the office dog is great too.Tom WilliamsAudio Precision
This year we opened an office in the UK and so had a new challenge: how to increase ranking in a specific country and a localized Google. Amplify performed an analysis of our UK competitors’ tactics and gave a step-by-step document for how to increase our visibility. Armed with a new UK-specific page on our website, within one month we went from nothing to the top 5 on page one.Tom WilliamsAudio Precision
Audio Precision has used Amplify Interactive as our SEO expert consultant for several years. The first round three years ago, Amplify Interactive reviewed the site as it was, and offered a detailed analysis of our keywords and the competitions’ ranking plus some general advice on how best to structure the site for maximum performance. Using Amplify’s recommendations, went from the third page of results to the top of page one for our main keywords.Tom WilliamsAudio Precision
We used Amplify in to look for improvements where we had already done a decent first round of SEO work, and they impressed their way into a lasting relationship. I highly recommend them to help you own search. Amplify quickly made clear what we needed to improve, and since we were busy they did most of the work for us. Professionalism shows in their thorough delivery on all services. Since 2/3 of our traffic came from search, with active competition, Amplify’s value can’t be overstated.Gary KillingsworthCrimson Trace
Amplify approached their work with us with a down-to-earth, level-headed sensibility that proved very effective on multiple levels. In addition to helping us refine our strategy and tactics for optimization, they were able to educate the non-expert executives — in language that was clear and accessible — about the possibilities and limits of optimization. They were great at listening and responding to our unique set of concerns and made sure their final analysis was specifically tailored to us. The consultation has brought a new level of shared understanding on campus about the operation of our website, and it yielded new solutions to some of our biggest optimization challenges.Tom KrattenmakerLewis & Clark College
I’ve worked with Amplify-Interactive at several companies and each time I was able to steadily build traffic to all web sites and increase our web presence with key targeted audiences. The team makes a point of getting to know the business and business objectives, as well as the skills of the marketing team. We were able to jointly develop programs that leveraged our internal capabilities and added Amplify's expertise to achieve market leading web programs that delivered results. Amplify's team not only stays on top of industry changes critical to internet marketers, but educates marketing to do a better job on all web programs.Jeri OwenDigimarc
Without the Amplify team, we would never have realized that what we considered a sales lead generation method was actually acting as a gate-keeping device. With Amplify, we have seen a strongly positive trend in our site metrics, such as a minimized bounce rate and increased traffic to our identified key pages. Additionally, we consistently show up in the top five search results for our selected keywords in Google, Yahoo and Microsoft Live searches. Simple site metrics are fairly easy to get; what the Amplify team brings to the table is the ability to analyze the metrics, provide insight and interpretation of the numbers and suggestions on how to improve your future results. We would strongly recommend the Amplify team to anyone looking to improve their web presence.Scott McLeod
ZoomCare has worked with Amplify for over a year on PPC campaigns focused on driving awareness and conversions to ZoomCare’s Portland and Seattle-based clinics. The team is knowledgeable, easy to work with and focused on business results. Our business has benefited, and I’ve personally learned a ton from their insight.David RayZoomCare
Amplify Interactive handles all of our search engine marketing needs and we couldn’t be happier. Coming from a direct marketing background, I firmly believe in constantly testing and refining campaigns to optimize effectiveness and the team at Amplify excels at just that. I have come to appreciate their disciplined approach to managing every aspect of our SEM campaigns, from keyword evaluation to copy tests. I don’t worry about the search component of my marketing mix. Amplify expertly manages a complex set of campaigns and makes it look easy.Mark PenningtonSawStop
Amplify is not only a great company to work with but are absolutely great at what they do! While I was at my previous job, they worked directly with us in managing our SEO, SEM and PPC efforts in multiple languages, digging deep into our technology and marketplace while helping us to grow our results continually week over week.Karim AzarSpringSoft
Tripwire has used Amplify for various projects over the course of several years. We’ve been very pleased with their depth of expertise in the SEO and SEM space, particularly when it comes to refining the performance of existing programs and taking our rankings, conversions and CPC to the next level. The Amplify team is great to work with, very responsive, accommodating, flexible, and are always willing to come onsite as needed. I highly recommend a discovery session with Amplify.Daniel DivensTripwire
Amplify continues to steward ZoomCare’s online media presence with a balance of strategy and creative tactics that position our brand effectively in the market. We are very pleased with the bottom line results and look forward to continuing our investment in Amplify’s unique talents.David RayZoomCare
Recent email from Lynnette: We still owe you a much-deserved testimonial. It’s not because we don’t love you, that’s fo shizzle. If you weren’t so good at your job, then we wouldn’t be so busy. We are making some site updates and want your advice on a few things. As always, bill us. We love giving you money. :D <— Like that?Lynnette FusilierNeighborhood Notes
From almost literally the moment Amplify started working on our Pay Per Click Campaigns and SEM/SEO projects, we saw dramatic increases in our visibility and online interactions with our customers and prospects. The Amplify crew has been easy to work with, is always happy to help me understand and interpret the results we’re achieving, and make recommendations on changes that will get even better results. I’m thrilled to have them as a vendor partner, and am so thankful that I don’t have to be the expert – but I can look like one when I present the results to our internal stakeholders.Deborah HornClimax Portable Machining & Welding Systems

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