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Second largest search engine adds real-time comment results


The second-largest search engine has added a component to search results that is real-time. What was that?  Yahoo? No.  YouTube.  YouTube is the web’s second-largest search engine.  If you’re still in the camp of, “It’s just a video destination,” it’s high-time you started thinking something else. The truth of the matter is: YouTube is a video / discussion destination. If …

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How to Become a Social Media Marketer


Turns out – you may not realize it, but you already are a social media marketer. Just read a great entry over at our partner McClenehan Bruer’s blog & newsletter titled “You Are a Social Media Marketer (Almost)“. The main takeaway I got from the article was: “Most social media tools that work today in deep tech have analogues in …

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Twitter Essentials


By now – you’ve heard of Twitter. If you’re like my friends – you inevitably ask ‘why would I use Twitter’?. I also get a lot of people who tell me after they open an account that they don’t “get it”. So – I’m going to give you some reasons why you should use twitter, and I’ll also attempt to …

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Spend 30 minutes to protect your online brand


Even if you aren’t planning on expanding your current online marketing plan to include social media, if you’re a big brand or in charge of a big brand’s marketing offline or online, you should really take 30 minutes to protect that brand’s online social media identity. Make it a late Friday afternoon project to take thirty minutes to start registering  …

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Event Recap: Love @ First Website


Love @ First Website ISITE Design put on this great event with a focus on building community around your brand. Of course – this means leveraging social media and all of the speakers focused on building Web community. The format was great in that longer presentations were interespersed with “lightning talks” or, short 5 minute presentationsthat mimic the popular Ignite …

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