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Search Engine Marketing in 2010


Part of what makes search engine marketing such a unique and interesting industry is that it’s constantly evolving. That being said, 2010 will be no different. Here is what the team from Amplify Interactive thinks will happen with SEM in 2010: Ben It’s easy to jump on the bandwagon here and just say the words “social media” – everyone is …

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How to Boost the Effectiveness of Your SEM Campaign


The surprise answer – run display ads. Just read an interesting article over at eMarketer “Display Campaigns Boost Search Effectiveness” about a study that  shows that display ad campaigns increase visits from search engine users by nearly 14% from both organic (SEO) and PPC search combined. Another benefit? Cost per click for PPC decreased as well – demonstrating greater efficiency …

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Presentation: Capturing Market Share In a Recession with SEM


I gave a Webcast presentation for OEN (Oregon Entrepreneurs Network) last week titled “Capturing Market Share in a Recession with SEM“, which we just posted in the SEM resources section of our site. Enjoy! Ben

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Search engine optimization is like animal crackers


I opened up a box of Barnum’s Animals Crackers this morning as a brunch snack and offered my Amplify teammates who braved the “Arctic Toot” this morning some crackers. Ben came over and grabbed a couple.  He commented, “You know, every other kind of animal cracker, be it from a bin or a store-brand or whatnot, just doesn’t compare to …

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How and Why to Use LinkedIn


I recently had two different discussions with people in entirely different industries asking specifically about LinkedIn. One was simply asking about how to make LinkedIn more useful for them. The other person hadn’t joined LinkedIn but had received a number of requests. So – I thought it would be interesting to explain how I use it and get your feedback …

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