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Ryan’s PPC Playlist: Pay Per Click Ads Takeover Edition


It’s always a fun conversation when I try to explain to people what I do for a living. If they seem interested at all I try to explain the difference between natural and paid results on Google. Every time I get the same response, “I never click those ads”. It seems most people have a natural aversion to ads and …

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Ryan’s PPC Playlist: Always Be Testing or ABT


I have a confession to make – I got a C in stats class in college and I did not like most science classes. Now, my job is all about proper testing methods, pivot tables, and analyzing data….and I LOVE IT. If your managing PPC campaigns you should love it too. Skip the pile of blog posts in your Google …

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Quick and Easy Way to Start Advertising on Google’s Display Network


Last month I was asked to speak at an SEMpdx event on PPC and Landing Pages. I’ve been attending SEMpdx events since 2007 but this was my first time presenting, or presenting at any event for that matter. I was excited and nervous and I’m sure several other emotions. I presented on a “Quick and Easy Way to Set Up …

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Ryan’s PPC Playlist: Staying Creative In Paid Search Edition


Paid search has constantly evolving features and changes in the space combined with shifting needs of clients and business. Effective PPC managers are flexible and creative to adapt to this landscape. Take the Bear Grylls approach to PPC management and ensure your campaigns don’t die a slow death in the internet wilderness with this edition of the playlist. Amplified Gold Posts …

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Labels and Other New Features in Google Adwords


Google Adwords released a few new features this week that got me pretty excited. I can already see multiple ways these new features can be used. If you’re not excited enough already let me show you why you should be. I’m most excited about the addition of labels to add another layer of organization to campaigns. Here are three new …

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