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Why user reviews are like the top layer of your Momma’s lasagna


It’s great to have your business and / or products listed in directories across the internet. It gives you increased online exposure and the ability to be seen as a solution for an individual looking for a type of product you sell. But with a negative user review right next to your listing, it could spell disaster… kind of like …

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Diversify Your Links Part 1: The “New” Link Development?


Co-authored by Kristin Wall You’ve reached the end; you’ve searched the internet and obtained links from essentially every site for your niche. Don’t cry: diversify! For many search marketers, traditional link building is the only link building strategy in their “portfolio.” Spending your time getting many low-quality links for the sake of getting a large bulk of links is a …

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Power of the Almighty Blog: Part III


Last week, in part II of the Power of the Almighty Blog, I questioned whether or not the power of one voice could stand up against a large company with endless resources… With the growing popularity of social media & the focus shifting from appealing to the masses to focusing on the “individual” – you and I now have a …

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Power of the Almighty Blog: Part II


In part I of this series, I discussed three tactics marketers can use to leverage a successful social media campaign. 1) Create a blog that supplements the client’s service or product offering 2) Join relevant communities & participate 3) Bookmarking Question is, does a blog have the power to affect change, create a sense of urgency or a call to …

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Power of the Almighty Blog!


Social media marketing encompasses a wide range of tactics, but which ones really work? Well, it depends on a few things. You have to identify the needs and niche of the client. Having a clear understanding of these things will allow you as the social media guru to market them in places that will allow for the greatest success, versus …

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