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Click Here to Read More to Find Out More!


Click here!  Read more!  Find out more! Having optimized anchor text can help establish relevancy for the linked text to its landing page.  Why is this important?  It clues in search engines (and human beings!) as to what that page is about. Believe it or not, search engines do place weight on the anchor text you use when externally linking.  …

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Blow your mind link building techniques


Amplify Interactive’s notes from SMX Advanced Seattle 2008 First day of SMX Advanced, my focus today is on the SEM Organic Track Session 1: Blow Your Mind Link Building Techniques Moderator: Greg Boser, President/CEO, 3 Dog Media Q&A Moderator: Matt McGee, SEO For Hire This session covered different ways to find and acquire links. Link building is one of the …

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Baby Mama, surrogacy & natural infertility treatment


I understand this blog post may sound a bit… promotional. But what can I say – when I’m at work, I’m dialed into search marketing. And when I’m not at work, I still think about search marketing. So, naturally, I thought about one of our clients (The Fertile Soul) when I watched Baby Mama last weekend, which stars the delightful …

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An example of a successful viral marketing campaign


Sure we may be a little late to the party… but this successful viral marketing campaign is one that truly stands out. Chocolate rain. Does this phrase ring a bell for you? Perhaps the video might seem a little familiar. That’s Tay Zonday singing Chocolate Rain and playing the keyboard. This video was originally uploaded on Youtube on April 22, …

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Diversify Your Links Part 2: How to Build Your Diversified Link Building Strategy


co-authored by Kristin Wall In Part 1 of “Diversify Your Links“, we talked about the “new” link development & the idea of social link building, and the types of links that search engines (and end-users) find valuable. Now, we want to address the elements that are needed to build a successful “social” link campaign.

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