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How to Create B2B Content that Engages!


Creating B2B content that engages is a major challenge for many B2B companies. In a study by The Content Marketing Institute, 54% of small B2B (10-99 employees) and 58% of enterprise organizations find the prospect of producing engaging content to be a challenge. But what exactly is “engaging content”? Opinions differ and there’s no “set in stone” definition, but generally …

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Processes, Tips & Tools: Creating Personas for Marketing


Creating personas can be valuable and powerful for improving your marketing efforts. This post is a round up of some really valuable resources for creating personas. Creating Personas Check out this case study by the Amplify Interactive team: Creating Personas Improves PPC Campaign Performance by 152%! Case study from our own team here at Amplify Interactive demonstrates the power of …

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B2B & Inbound Marketing Tips: Social Media Edition


Peanut butter n bacon? Yep – it sounds weird, but it’s good. Just like B2B & social media marketing! (Ok – that was a stretch but now that I’ve got your attention – you might as well read the rest). Since I’m going to the SMX Social Media Marketing conference next week, this month I present the social media marketing …

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B2B & Inbound Marketing Tips: Content Marketing Edition


  The focus of today’s B2B & Inbound marketing  roundup is content marketing. I’ve rounded up a few recent B2B content marketing studies, tips & tricks and infographics. I KNOW I missed something – comment with your link to something recent for B2B content marketing. B2B Content Marketing Stats & Charts This study by Content Marketing Institute and MarketingProfs highlights …

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B2B & Inbound Marketing Tips: LinkedIn Edition


The focus of today’s B2B & Inbound marketing  roundup is LinkedIn. Specifically – strategies & tactics for marketing yourself, your company and generating leads with LinkedIn. Using LinkedIn to Market Your Business Like the title says – there’s 10 tips for using LinkedIn for generating business. This article focuses on using LinkedIn as an individual rather than marketing your company …

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