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Mobile advertising keeps growing and growing…


It’s funny – I always read how the mobile advertising industry keeps on growing, yet I don’t recall ever receiving an ad in the form of a SMS message or anything of the sort.  Looking at the eMarketer report linked to above, it looks as if I’m not really part of the demographic that has seen a mobile ad. I’m …

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Online Marketing Predictions for 2008 from eMarketer


eMarketer is one of Amplify Interactive’s favorite online advertising resources. Recently they had an article stating some predictions for the upcoming year. If anyone can offer valid predictions for 2008, it’s the guys & gals at eMarketer. A couple of points they brought up that seemed particularly interesting were: “A deal between Microsoft, Yahoo! or AOL (pick two of the …

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Search Engine Marketing Christmas Songs


As I’m working today with the Christmas music blasting in the background (so I like Xmas music, so what!), I keep on mixing in a search engine marketing “spin” on the lyrics. Here’s a sampling of some of the lyrics that have popped in my head today. Could these perhaps be labeled SEO Christmas Songs? Deck the Halls Deck the …

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Old School or Blades of Glory? Time to determine which is the funnier movie… by looking at search statistics.


Here at the Amplify World Headquarters, we’ve recently had ongoing conversations about which movie is funnier – Old School or Blades of Glory. So I thought hey, why not try to settle this question by looking at the search stats for both of the movies and seeing which one rules in the land of search. I first took a gander …

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Effective Day-Parting of Pay Per Click Campaigns with Google – Part 2


Strategies for Day-Parting PPC Campaigns In part 1 of this series, we described what day-parting is and why you should be day parting your pay-per-click campaigns. In this second and last part of the series I will give you some strategies for evaluating and implementing day parts for your PPC campaigns with Google. First, you’ll want to pull a couple …

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