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ABC News has URL domain canonicalization issues


As I was on my iGoogle page this morning, I clicked on the story “Clinton Preparing to Drop Out of Presidential Race” on ABC News. As I read the story, I noticed they had used some good internal linking practices (i.e. linking to other pages on your site, associating the anchor text content with your other established pages, etc.)… but …

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New favicon for Gmail login screen – is this for all Google login pages?


Noticed today that the Gmail login screen has a new favicon: I like it – use your ‘g’ that’s already in your name & logo, very recognizable. Went to login to Google Reader and get that favicon for that login screen as well… yet both services (Gmail & Google Reader), when logged in, keep their original favicons (Gmail has the …

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Internal wiki collaboration = a reason for elation & celebration


What comes to mind when I say wiki? Perhaps Wikipedia, the online user-created & edited encyclopedia. Maybe your answer is weird or even mysterious because the wiki-language is foreign to you. Whatever comes to mind, you probably already know that wikis are set up to be extremely contributor-driven, be it by creating pages, associations between pages (i.e. Multnomah Falls and …

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Baby Mama, surrogacy & natural infertility treatment


I understand this blog post may sound a bit… promotional. But what can I say – when I’m at work, I’m dialed into search marketing. And when I’m not at work, I still think about search marketing. So, naturally, I thought about one of our clients (The Fertile Soul) when I watched Baby Mama last weekend, which stars the delightful …

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The day all of us at Amplify Interactive were all winners


On April 25, Amplify Interactive went to the Edgefield McMenamins for half the day to get away from the office a bit, talk about company business & mostly just have a lot of fun. All of these objectives were definitely accomplished on that beautiful Friday afternoon. After taking a quick tour from the experienced Edgefield McMenamin’s Amplify Interactive team member, …

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