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Google Can Index Flash, But it Still Sucks for SEO


Yes it’s true… and just when we got developers to start understanding why using Flash to build entire web sites wasn’t cool – we have to start the discussion all over again. How annoying is that? Yes, Google can index Flash – meaning they can extract text & links when implemented correctly. But this isn’t exactly new. They’ve been able …

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How and Why to Use LinkedIn


I recently had two different discussions with people in entirely different industries asking specifically about LinkedIn. One was simply asking about how to make LinkedIn more useful for them. The other person hadn’t joined LinkedIn but had received a number of requests. So – I thought it would be interesting to explain how I use it and get your feedback …

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What we can learn from chocolate-covered gummy bears


Chocolate-covered gummy bears.  A quick look on Google shows that this brilliant candy isn’t very popular.  I’m snacking on some right now and I have to say, whoever thought that a chocolate-covered gummy bear would taste good was probably seen as being a little crazy when coming up with the idea… but it works.  Boy oh boy, does it work. …

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