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Google Suggest: Reading Minds Since August 25


As you may or may not have experienced, performing a search on is a little different nowadays.  You can thank Google Suggest for this, a new feature announced this week. Is Google Suggest something we, as search marketers, can use to the benefit of our clients?   Or is it a gimmick, purely for the lazy user searching the …

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Click Here to Read More to Find Out More!


Click here!  Read more!  Find out more! Having optimized anchor text can help establish relevancy for the linked text to its landing page.  Why is this important?  It clues in search engines (and human beings!) as to what that page is about. Believe it or not, search engines do place weight on the anchor text you use when externally linking.  …

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Apologies for unexpected downtime


As you may (or may not) have known, our Search Engine Marketing… Amplified blog was down for about 1.5 weeks.  We were frantically contacting our hosting support, trying to find a fix, changing some different elements up to see what worked.  In the end, nothing we did actually worked… the blog just popped back up and was live again. Why …

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